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Attaining peak performance and professionalism

A popular theory by Canadian business journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes 10,000 hours in any discipline, subject matter or sport, to become a true expert. This equates to 1,250 working days, or roughly five years of hard graft to reach peak professionalism. Education experts have argued this can be taken as an average and that gifted performers in certain fields have been identified with less study or practice.

In high risk industries such as oil and gas or nuclear, where safety and competency requirements are among the strictest in the world, operators want to know that an expertly trained person is working within their facility. Trust is placed on contracted businesses to supply highly reliable personnel who are competent, know the best solutions, can use the correct tooling, and take safety seriously.

Pipelines in offshore or onshore oil and gas assets, or any industrial processing facility, can contain hazardous medium (such as chemicals, gases and hydrocarbons) under high pressure. Often when a joint won’t seal, or when a bolted connection leaks, the reaction can be to re-tighten or tighten it further - just as an untrained person might do on pipework or bolts in their own home. The consequences of incorrect action could result in injuries, fatalities or environmental disaster.

Industry studies show that leaks can be caused by a number factors. Not only flange damage (25%), but also gasket deformation or degradation (22%), loose bolts (15%) or flange misalignment (12%). The most common factor found is improper installation (26%) and this is the key issue remediated through training.

As a jointed bolt integrity service supplier and globally accredited training organization, we understand the importance of working with customers and regulatory requirements to make sure only trained people gain access to the worksite.

Hydratight’s Global Training Division boasts accreditation through approvals from Lloyd’s Register as an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Qualifying Organization and is an Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) Approved Training Provider.

Across more than 200 regional training centers, we deliver a range of courses from Bolted Joint Integrity and On-site Machining to Joint Integrity Assurance and Mechanical Joint Integrity. We have dedicated, purpose-built joint integrity colleges where technical theory, practical training and regular testing takes place. While some recent graduates will not have reached the golden five-year mark yet, their work will be overseen and continually assessed by a senior mentor.

Learning and development does not end on graduation. Each employee in the business must renew their certification every three years and Hydratight has provision for this too.

As of this month, our field service technicians have completed almost 3,000,000 hours since the last recordable safety incident. It is not a figure we rely on, but we see it as a broad marker of each individual’s training and proactive workplace attitude.

Ultimately, having expert-led technicians with a professional, time-served approach ensure pressurized process containment on all pipelines. Work completed by Hydratight personnel comes with a leak-free guarantee from start-up. It is fully-documented and has the security of being externally regulated.