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Topside Training: Typical Course Content

Topside Training: Typical Course ContentWhether accredited to API or ECITB, there are a number of key elements common to both:

  • Health and safety in relation to the offshore industry and COMAH sites
  • Theory of components within the bolted flange connection
  • Preparation of bolted flanged connections prior to assembly
  • Assembly of bolted flanged connections
  • Tightening methods
  • Tightening of bolts using hydraulic tensioning equipment
  • Theory, practical and demonstration of the correct and safe practice of assembly and tightening
  • Inspection process for components
  • Failure mechanisms/root cause
  • Audit and record all information

These elements give the candidate a basic underpinning knowledge of the principles and practices associated with assembly and controlled bolt tightening of a bolted flanged connection.