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Machining Products

Machining products and services Hydratight provides world-class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international standards in joint integrity for our customers on a global scale. With patented machinery and experienced technicians, Hydratight is a leading worldwide supplier of on-site machining solutions. We are an OEM with innovative and portable tools that cut and bevel pipe, bore, grind, mill, shaft machine, tube prep and heat-treat. Hydratight offers a range of machining products through sales, rental, technical support, as well as custom fabrication. Today the breadth and depth of our machining product and service offering is unrivalled in our specialist field.

Machining Overview

Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Clamshells

Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Clams - A complete line of patented and portable clamshells for severing, beveling, facing and OD turning

Shaft machining and taper turning

Shaft Machining & Taper Turning - Accurate in-situ machining of shafts, turning bearing journals and tapered shafts

Facing and End Prepping Machines

Facing & End Prepping Machines - OD and ID mounted end prep machines that deliver exacting surface finishes

Milling and Keyway Cutters

Milling and Keyway Cutters - Single or all axis machining done quickly and accurately, plus portable keyway cutters

In-Place Grinding Machines

In-Place Grinding Machines - Trunnion, Tire, Manway and Hand Hole Grinders for portable and accurate in-place grinding

Portable Boring Bars

Portable Boring Bars - Two types of powerful and accurate portable boring bars for smooth and precise results

power Supply Units

Power Supply Units - Providing on-site power to most portable machining equipment

Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering - Our  engineering driven product line is often customised for specific field applications