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Engineering Solutions and On-Site Services

Hydratight is an innovative provider of engineering solutions and on-site services designed to maintain the integrity of production and process plant and pipework.

As a service driven company, we pride ourselves in offering high quality site-based service to complement Hydratight’s extensive product range, through our team of competent technicians.

This breadth of service includes in-situ machining such as pipe cutting, beveling, milling, boring, grinding and end prepping, plus in place heat treating, valve testing and leak sealing.

At the same time we support clients who have opted to rent or purchase products to use within their own manpower resources. We provide this flexible approach to ensure the end customer - the asset owner - receives a satisfactory and cost-effective service.

Hydratight has developed ground-breaking training systems for our own employees to guarantee safe and efficient working on-site. These are also now available through our international network to bring global standards to all our customers, whether they buy or rent products for themselves, or use our service teams. More information is available in the Training section of this site.

For services available in your area please contact your local representative.