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The Benefits of Controlled Bolting with Hydratight:

  • Flange joints assembled right first time – using the correct bolt tightening sequence and torque values
  • Hassle-free outsourced service – leaving you to get on with running your plant
  • Highly trained engineers - using correctly calibrated tools
  • The same quality controls are applied to bolted joint assembly as for welded joints
  • Improved site safety – protecting on-site staff, the environment, and your reputation
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Hydratight Controlled Bolting Services

Controlled bolting with Hydratight is the safe choice for joint assembly during plant construction, turnarounds and ongoing maintenance. We’ll work with you to identify and manage scopes of work to suit your requirements and all flange details will be recorded for your reference.

No matter the size of the project, we’ll provide an expert team – so you can relax knowing that all work is carried out by experienced technicians trained to the leading industry standards.

Hand Torquing

Even smaller bolts need to be tightened correctly, the use of a calibrated hand torque wrench by a trained and competent user can help to ensure the to ensure the integrity of the joint, reduce failures and extend the lifetime of components.

Benefits of Hand Torquing
  • Control of torque applied to the bolt.
  • Evenly distributed load across the joint.
  • Eliminate overtightening and yielding of bolts.
  • Eliminate damage to flanges or gaskets due to overtightening.
  • Ensure the overall integrity of the joint.

Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electric Bolting

Hydratight can carry out controlled bolting using the most appropriate torque tools to suit your workplace.

Benefits of Bolting Tools
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches: for high-force applications in remote environments.
  • Pneumatic torque wrenches: An effective spark free option for smaller fixings when a compressed air line is available.
  • Electric torque wrenches: No need for a separate pump to power the tool, only access to a 110 or 230-volt power

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

Hydraulic bolt tensioning works differently to torque. Instead of applying torque to rotate a nut which then creates bolt load, a tensioner grabs and pulls the threads protruding beyond a nut, stretching the bolt axially, lifting the nut from the surface. This allows the nut to be rotated back to the flange with a minimal amount of torque.

Benefits of Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
  • Stability and ease of control
  • Highly accurate
  • Minimal torque required
  • Minimal load sharing/cross talk between neighboring studs
  • Faster – bolts can usually be tightened simultaneously

Flange Alignment

Flange alignment is vital when constructing new pipework, commissioning or during routine maintenance. Hydratight personnel have the tools to bring misaligned flanges in line - enabling controlled and efficient bolting.

Benefits of Flange Alignment
  • Hydraulic and mechanical flange alignment tools easily align flanges before controlled bolting.

Nut Splitting

Hydraulic nut splitters make it easy for our team to remove even the most stubborn seized nuts. This is safer than alternative methods and saves time and money.

Benefits of Hydraulic Nut Splitting
  • Uses hydraulic force to eliminate labor intensive methods
  • Tools available to split most sizes of nut
  • Models available for BSA/ANSI flanges for oil and gas applications

Flange Spreading and Pulling

During new plant construction and shutdowns, efficient and safe bolting can only be done when flanges are perfectly aligned, and in the case of disassembly to be separated without causing damage.

Our team have access to an extensive range of industry leading tools to ensure your bolting needs can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Flange Spreading & Pulling
  • Only the best tools are used to ensure maximum productivity - and to prevent damage to your assets.
  • We will come to the job site equipped with hydraulic spreaders and flange pulling tools to suit most flange sizes.

Controlled Bolting: Why Hydratight?

Achieving joint integrity relies on the right people doing the right thing with the right tools.

The right thing is controlled bolting. And the right people is Hydratight. Why? because Hydratight ‘invented’ joint integrity, and since then our technicians have helped to deliver leak free projects and near zero incident rates for decades. Choose Hydratight and enjoy complete confidence knowing critical joints will meet the criteria for inspectors.

In 2014, following an independent audit by Lloyds Register Energy, Hydratight became the world’s first ASME PCC-1-2013 qualifying organization.

During the same year we launched a Joint Integrity College to deliver training and qualification that meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME PCC-1-2013 guidance to our own technicians, engineers and managers.

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Hydratight offers a Leak Free Guarantee for every joint assigned to us under an assemble and tighten and/or Assurance Services contract. We guarantee, subject to the mutually agreed upon terms and conditions, that every joint will pass its respective integrity test the first time. The Leak Free Guarantee is valid for new construction, repair or maintenance contracts, and equally applicable on very small to extremely large work-scopes. Any joint type can be guaranteed, subject to a review by one of our global Subject Matter Experts.


"The objective of using Hydratight was to achieve a leak free start-up and it was achieved. We have no hesitation to record their commendable performance and recommend them on other requiring bolted joints management."

- Turnaround Manager at Petrochemical Company

"The Hydratight personnel executed their on-site machining duties with skill, professionalism, flexibility and cooperation at all times. Their bolt tensioning personnel completed the de-tensioning, inspection, and tensioning of all of the ANSI 2500 and 2500lb rated flanges on the Hydrocracker and the unit was subsequently started up and has performed to date without a single leak. "

- Shutdowns and maintenance manager at Petroleum Company

"Hydratight delivered our objective leading to leak free start-up of the plant by implementing best practices, using the right equipment, employing trained and highly competent people, and managing all these effectively using a locally based team. "

- Construction director at Oil & Gas Solutions Provider