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Hydratight provides many different services for upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. We're ready to help with almost any pipeline or joint-related project you can think of. Whether it's a major turnaround or maintaining your plant while it's still online, our team will make sure it's done right first time and safe every time.

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Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream - We’re Ready to Help

Preventing Leaks Before They Happen

In addition to providing expert hands-on manpower, Hydratight can develop a customized Integrity Assurance programme to ensure your plant turnaround projects remains on schedule and on budget. We strongly believe that all leaks can be avoided through world class technical leadership, training, and innovation

Multi-Skilled and Highly Trained Technicians

When working offshore the stakes are high. Conditions are challenging, time is precious, and access to medical help is limited. In extreme environments like this you can trust Hydratight to provide personnel who are competent, multi-skilled and ready to travel – fully equipped with everything needed to ensure jobs are completed right first time, and safe every time.

Training and Mentoring

Midstream and downstream oil and gas maintenance relies on different teams working together to keep everything on schedule. Our technicians can be relied on to carry out highly skilled work – but we’ll also train and mentor your teams and contractors - raising skill levels either through certified training or toolbox talks on site.

Oil and Gas Services

Integrity Assurance

We believe that all leaks can be avoided through world class technical leadership, training, and innovation. Our Integrity Assurance Programs can be customized but our goal remains constant – to maintain the integrity of production and process plant and pipework - keeping your operations productive and safe.

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On-Site Machining

Hydratight On-site Machining Services removes the need for expensive and costly dismantling and transportation. Our experienced and highly skilled team will carry out flange facing, pipe cutting, end prepping, milling, and much more.

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Online Services

Not all repairs or maintenance jobs need to be put on hold until the next shutdown. Hydratight can provide specialist support to carry out emergency repairs and other work safely - without the need to shutdown large sections of your plant.

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Controlled Bolting

Controlled bolt tightening is a vital element of joint integrity and a specialist skill. The consequences of a leaking flange can be disruptive, dangerous and costly. Hydratight can provide a hassle-free outsourced service – leaving you to get on with running your plant

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Pipeline Process Services

Our extensive list of pipeline and process services delivered by highly skilled technicians puts us at the forefront of cleaning, testing, and integrity solutions. These are cleaning and testing services are ideal for pre-commissioning, turnarounds and maintenance shutdowns.

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The Hydratight Academy is a leading integrity assurance training provider. We provide a wide range of instructor led, online and blended learning delivery options worldwide. Hydratight played a key role in establishing benchmark training programs and guidelines for bolting technicians. In 2014 we became the world’s first ASME PCC-1 qualifying organization, following an independent audit by Lloyd’s Register Energy.

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Working on a facility while it remains online should only be done by competent and certified people using the right equipment. Over many years, Hydratight has developed innovative technologies and robust procedures to maintain the integrity of your assets.

Most important of all is the people who carry out the work. Thanks to our highly skilled, competent and fully trained team we’ve delivered leak free repair work and projects for decades.

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