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And there’s so much more than bolting we can offer. We also offer on-site machining and a wide range of pipeline process service. We can even repair leaks while your facilities stay active.

Here’s just a few of the projects where we can help - but there’s so much more we can do. If you have a specific project in mind we’d like to hear about it.

Where Hydratight Can Help

  • Structural bolting
  • Bolting during maintenance of heavy plant mining vehicles
  • Specialist bolting applications
  • Repairing conveyors
  • On-site machining
  • Pumping stations and utility pipelines
  • Utilities serving industrial facilities
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Industrial Maintenance and Construction Services: WHY HYDRATIGHT?

Working on a facility while it remains online should only be done by competent and certified people using the right equipment. Over many years, Hydratight has developed innovative technologies and robust procedures to maintain the integrity of your assets.

Most important of all is the people who carry out the work. Thanks to our highly skilled, competent and fully trained team we’ve delivered leak free repair work and projects for decades.

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